Protective leather gloves are preferable by their good heat resistance, warm keeping and puncture resistance. However, to keep the gloves always shiny and durable, you need to know how to clean and preserve them.


1/ Choose suitable and high-quality gloves

First you need to choose for yourself a pair of protective gloves with high-quality leather and suitable for your work. This will make it easier and more effective to clean and preserve gloves.

Currently, the market of protective leather gloves is quite diverse that are made from many different types of leather (synthetic leather, cow leather, goat skin, pig skin, etc.). Therefore, you can choose the superior-genuine leather, depending on the demands and frequency of the job. These gloves usually have much better durability than the others, keeping the skin surface always shiny and hardly cracked. In addition, you should choose the fit gloves that are not too loose or they may be a little tight. The reason is that the leather gloves line has good elasticity; after a period, you will see that it will stretch itself according to the user's hands.

2/ Use a specialized liquid for cleaning

Cleaning protective leather gloves will often be more complicated than rubber or fabric ones because if you wash them in the usual way, you can easily break the surface of the skin, leading to rapid deterioration, decay, and puncture. Therefore, to clean leather gloves, it is best to use a specialized liquid.

Step 1: Pour the skin cleansing liquid into a small cloth (gloves should be worn when cleaning to make it easier). Then, gently wipe the cloth on the palms, back of the hands and gaps.

Step 2: Use a dry cloth to set on the surface of the gloves, then let dry naturally and do not rubbing to limit peeling. In particular, do not expose directly to the sun.

In some emergency cases, you can use mild soapy water to clean as the same steps. Each week, you should clean your gloves once to make them look like new and remain its durability.

3/ Avoid contact with hot water or chemicals

Absolutely do not use solvents or gasoline, kerosene, dishwashing liquid, polish, softener, and ammonia solution to clean protective leather gloves since this will make your leather gloves quickly damaged.

4/ Do not preserve leather gloves in plastic bags or sealed boxes

To avoid moldy gloves, you should put newspapers and moisture-proof bags inside your gloves. In addition, gloves should be avoided putting in plastic bags or sealed boxes to prevent damages and mold.

5/ Treatments of greasy gloves

If your protective leather gloves are unfortunately greasy, it is best to use a small chalk. You grind and sprinkle it on the sticky stain; leave for 1 day and the stain will clear itself. This tip will help preserve your leather gloves more durable.

Cleaning and preservation of protective leather gloves are not too difficult. However, this is only suitable for fashionable gloves, warm gloves. For protective gloves, when working, the best way is to choose a high-quality leather product and suitable for the working environment as well as frequency and keep them away from chemicals for a long time.

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