Wearing rubber gloves for cooking and washing dishes may make you feel entangled. However, this small item offers great benefits for your health and beauty.

1/ What are rubber gloves?

Gloves are born to protect your hands from chemicals, detergents, hand injuries when working. They are made from some materials such as rubber, fabric, nylon or plastic. The most popular and widely used applications are rubber gloves.

Latex gloves are made from 100% natural rubber or synthetic rubber (nitrile). They have better durability, elasticity and longevity than the rest of the gloves. Therefore, rubber gloves are applied in many fields such as construction, medical, cleaning, tattoo and food processing, etc.

When it comes to rubber gloves, they are widely used for cooking, washing dishes in households, restaurants, hotels, or food factory, etc. 

2/ Why should we use gloves when cooking, washing dishes?

Using gloves when cooking and washing dishes is always encouraged because they bring many benefits, especially for those who have some skin allergies or skin issues.

Protect your skin and nails from external chemicals and injuries

Detergents, toxic chemicals are always the enemies that cause skin problems such as allergies, scabies, peeling and nails breaking, etc. Therefore, using rubber gloves is the best way to protect your hand skin when cooking and washing dishes.

Latex gloves have good durability, elasticity and high anti-puncture ability. When being stretched 9 times, they can return to their original state. Therefore, they can protect your hands and minimize the damage from sharp objects if you accidentally touch.

In particular, natural rubber is derived from rubber sap which is resistant to chemicals, acids, bases, chlorine, iodine and formaldehyde. When natural rubber is manufactured into gloves (100% natural latex gloves), it becomes a comprehensive barrier for hand skin as well as the objects that you contact safely, especially for food processing.

In addition, you might have a habit of using hot water to "rinse" the dishes and utensils to minimize the amount of chemicals of the remaining dishwashing liquid or on rainy days. However, hot water can "purify" the natural oil layer on your hand skin and make it easy to dry, flaky, ugly.

Avoid bacterial infection

Using rubber gloves for cooking and washing dishes will reduce the possibility of infection and limit pathogens (especially wounded hands) from sinks, dishwashing utensils, or some places that need to be clean such as bathtub, toilet, etc.

Increases the ability to friction when holding

Latex gloves have good adhesion. Currently, the products of rubber gloves are designed with pattern-print in the palm of the hand to increase anti-slippery effect. Therefore, when using rubber gloves for cooking and washing dishes, you can minimize the situation of slipping when using dishwashing liquid, resulting in breaking dishes or skin damage.

Good for people with rheumatism 

It is not only good for people with dermatological problems, it also protect your soft skin to keep your nails strong. Using rubber gloves for cooking and washing dishes also helps reduce the pain to improve the symptoms of people with rheumatism disease (usually the middle-aged and older people)

Create excitement when doing housework

Currently, all kinds of rubber gloves are designed to be fit and long to the wrist to create a sense of safety and comfort when using. This will make it easier for cooking, washing dishes, and house cleaning. Cleaning up without the fear of dirty hands will be a motivation for you to no longer get bored with housework.

In particular, some gloves manufacturers have improved their anti-bacterial, anti-greasy and anti-odor to help you feel secure after using.

Cheap and versatile

Latex gloves have a relatively low price. Additionally, they are durable and suitable for all demands. Especially, they are versatile which are not only used for cooking, dishwashing but also for gardening, house cleaning.

3/ Some issues need to be considered when choosing and using rubber gloves:

Clean and dry after each use

After using, you should clean and reverse the gloves to dry them to avoid the potential of bacteria for the next use and increase the longevity of the gloves.

Specialized gloves

Although they are versatile, you should use different gloves for different purposes. For example, dishwashing gloves should only be used for washing dishes, so they should not be used for house cleaning at the same time which can cause infections easily. 

Buy reputable brand gloves

Currently, there are many brands of rubber gloves which are made by nature or synthetic rubber with thin and thick types. Depending on the using purposes, you can buy the right type. However, no matter what type of you buy, it is important to avoid buying the poor-quality products which easily cause skin irritation.

If you get allergies, you need to go and meet a dermatologist

Due to the variety of products, there is no guarantee for consumers to accidentally buy the poor-quality latex gloves. Therefore, besides paying attention to your selection, if you see your skin is red and itchy after using, it is necessary to have a dermatological examination for treatment.


Using rubber gloves for cooking and washing dishes brings many benefits to your health and beauty. If you are concerned about entanglement or bad smell, you can look for improved-products with anti-bacterial treatment and its design brings more comfort.

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