Are you looking for the best quality rubber glove manufacturer with preferential prices? Originating in Vietnam, where rubber export output ranked third in the world, Nam Long is proud to be a unit that is highly appreciated for the quantity and quality of rubber gloves produced to serve the needs of domestic and foreign consumers.

If you are thinking of importing Vietnamese rubber gloves, please first take a look at some references below.

1/ The demand for using rubber gloves is increasing day by day

In production activities and daily activities, people are exposed to many factors that can threaten their own health such as chemicals, electricity or sharp objects. Therefore, not only in the enterprise but also in households, the need to use rubber gloves as a protective device is increasingly focused. Companies wholesale large quantities of latex gloves to equip their employees, while housewives use rubber gloves as an essential kitchen appliance.

The demand for using rubber gloves is increasing day by day

People believe in rubber gloves because they possess many outstanding advantages of elasticity, durability and good puncture resistance. Moreover, the increase in the demand for latex gloves of the domestic and foreign markets can be attributed to the following reasons:

  • Consumers are becoming more and more aware of protecting their hands and skin from external agents, especially housewives.

  • Not only protecting the hands of workers but wearing gloves is also an important factor in food hygiene and safety issues that many businesses and production units need to be concerned about.

  • The price of household and industrial rubber gloves is quite cheap compared to other gloves because of the domestic rubber source.

2/ The difficulty to choose the quality rubber glove manufacturer with preferential prices

Understanding the increase in demand of the market for protective rubber gloves, many startups have boldly invested in the field of rubber gloves manufacturing, which has led to the emergence of many different agencies. In addition, the demand for protective gloves for seafood processing companies is increasing also one of the reasons for the increase in demand for wholesale rubber gloves.

However, the diversification of the rubber gloves market also unintentionally creates a dilemma for companies when choosing the best quality rubber glove manufacturers. Besides, owning a low price also makes poor quality rubber gloves easier to penetrate the market, which will make consumers bewildered when choosing or using harmful products. If this happens to domestic consumers, the same thing happens to foreign consumers. 

Therefore, to choose a reputable, quality product with high durability, just ensure that you have chosen one of the best quality rubber glove manufacturers by checking out the following information we recommended below.

3/ Nam Long – The leading company which manufactures the best household and industrial rubber gloves in Vietnam

Nam Long - The leading company which manufactures the best household and industrial rubber gloves in Vietnam

Do not rush to import tons of rubber gloves in Vietnam if you have not really found a reputable manufacturer. In fact, it is difficult for even domestic consumers to know who is the pioneer in this field. People often hear about product brands such as Hoa Ly, Hoa Huong Duong, Dragon or Nam Long. However, not everyone knows that the name behind all those famous brands is Nam Long Company – one of the leading companies which manufacture the best household and industrial rubber gloves in Vietnam.

Not only meet the demand for domestic rubber gloves, but Nam Long also satisfies a lot of foreign partners who have imported Vietnam rubber gloves to distribute to their domestic market by some of the following criteria:

The best quality

As a unit with many years of experience in the field of manufacturing natural rubber gloves, Nam Long is proud to be one of the leading rubber glove supplying brands in Vietnam. By applying modern technology, advanced production lines, and highly trained staff, the company has successfully passed through the rigorous regulations to bring the best quality products to consumers in many countries around the world. This explains why customers feel satisfied with their reputation and quality when choosing Nam Long rubber gloves products.

Reasonable price

The self-production of raw materials that makes the price of Nam Long rubber gloves always reasonable. Besides the advantages of quality, this is also the factor that helps Nam Long attract many oversea agents and rubber glove importers with large quantities to receive wholesale prices.

Many attractive remuneration policies

In addition to plus points on quality and preferential prices, Nam Long also has attractive incentive policies for agents, especially for those who have a stable sales volume of products.

The preferential policies of Nam Long are also suitable for many different levels of agents, giving agents more opportunities to distribute products and earn better profits.

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