The price of rubber gloves depends on many factors as the applications they bring, the cost of each business or the origin as well as the service fees.


Rubber not only appears in the mattress manufacturing industry, but it is also a "golden" material in glove manufacturing. This is thanks to the outstanding advantages of this material. Precisely:

1/ Latex gloves have good thickness and puncture resistance

The most important thing about a pair of gloves is the ability to protect hands of users. Latex gloves are one of the most well-done items on this task thanks to their thickness, durability and effective puncture resistance that helps protect the user's hands from sharp objects.

2/ Latex gloves create a real feeling for users

Good elasticity and tight design bring a true feeling for users. This is one of the most important factors in areas like medical (especially in surgery), tattoo, aesthetic, and so on.

3/ Latex gloves have good adhesion

When contacting or handling slippery items, rubber gloves help to adhere well thanks to its characteristic as well as the pattern-printed design on the palm. This could minimize breaking and slipping when cleaning or washing dishes, etc.

4/ Latex gloves are improved with anti-bacterial treatments and deodorization technology. 

If you used to be uncomfortable with sticky feeling and smell after using rubber gloves, producing rubber gloves units have integrated anti-bacterial treatments, deodorization and anti-stick technology to bring the most comfortable feeling to users.

5/ Latex gloves have a long lifetime

Compared to many other types of gloves, rubber is considered to be durable and the longest life span, especially gloves made from natural rubber.


To answer this question, it will depend on what type of gloves you want to choose, what materials are made and where the sources are. Generally, the price of rubber gloves is affordable and everyone can own at least one pair.

For more details, you can refer to the following list:

Type of rubber gloves

Average price (VND)

Medical latex gloves with powder

60-100 thousand VND / box (100 pieces) (depending on type)

Medical latex gloves with powdered-free

75-150 thousand VND / 100 pieces (depending on type)

Latex gloves for processing industry

8 – 60 thousand VND / pair (depending on type)

Household rubber gloves for hygiene and cleaning 

8-18 thousand VND / pair   (depending on type)

Latex gloves with anti-oil and acid

32-75 thousand VND / pair (depending on type)

Latex gloves with lining felt


19-30 thousand VND / pair (depending on type)

Insulating rubber gloves

300,000 – 3,500,000 VND / pair (depending on type)

Heat resistant latex gloves

40-45 thousand VND / pair (ordinary types)

Imported rubber gloves

Depending on the type, the price is usually higher


Currently, the market of rubber gloves is quite diverse in types, brands, and prices. Therefore, besides wondering how much rubber gloves are, consumers also wonder whether they are high-quality and durable as well as irritating their skin or not.

To choose a high-quality pair of gloves, you need to identify the type you need to buy first as well as figure out their origin and the manufacturers instead of being too concerned about the price. This is because expensive gloves are not always the good ones and the cheap ones are the poor quality. If you want to choose a pair of durable gloves, you should choose natural rubber gloves. Moreover, you should not choose the powdered latex gloves if you have allergic skin.

Then, you should choose the prestigious stores instead of buying at the market and grocery stores (where can easily sell the fake products). Some units distribute the genuine products such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and reputable e-commerce websites. If you want to buy large quantities, it is best to go to the manufacturers to check product quality, and to get the best price.

Thus, the price of rubber gloves depends on many factors. However, the price is not so important that how good the product is as well as the suitability for the job. Therefore, despite being the small items, if you are not careful, it is very easy to buy poor quality products.

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