The price of protective gloves depends on many different factors. Knowing these following things will partially help you choose a suitable product with the best price.

Protective gloves are one of the important equipment to ensure the safety of workers' hands during work. Depending on the job characteristics, there will be different types of gloves as well as the prices. That's why when buying any product, besides quality and suitability, price is also one of the factors that make many people think of to meet the work requirement and financial capacity of individuals or business units. If you are dealing with this problem, some of the following information may be helpful.


This is the most basic thing that anyone knows. Specifically for each purpose of use, the cost of protective gloves will have a certain difference. For example, the cost of electrical-insulating protective gloves will usually higher than the household protective gloves or cut-resistant protective gloves will cost more than the regular warm protective gloves, etc. Besides, those gloves integrated with many applications will cost more than products that do only one task.

Therefore, you need to search for information about that type of gloves before you intend to buy any type of protective gloves.  With only one click, you will receive a series of different prices. However, this step should only be a reference for you to get an overview of the price range of products you are concerned about. If you want to own a high-quality pair of gloves at a reasonable price, you should not decide right at this step.


Protective gloves are quite diverse with different categories, made from many different materials. Most of them will determine the product quality as well as the differences in price. For example, rubber gloves are often more durable than those made of fabric and nylon, so their prices will be higher. Particularly, medical latex gloves are often cheaper nitrile ones, and the powdered products are often cheaper than the non-powdered ones. For leather gloves, the products made from genuine leather like cowhide and crocodile skin will be many times more expensive than the synthetic leather. The high-end gloves are usually more expensive than the affordable products.

However, not all products with higher prices have the better quality. Some products that require a good-looking and fashionable appearance will also cost more, although the abilities of warm-keeping and hand protection are the same, even they are inferior in comparison to some cheap ones. Therefore, before buying, you need to determine whether the using purpose is its appearance or quality in order to get an appropriate choice.


According to the characteristics of most of the buying and selling process; if you buy in bulk (wholesale), you will get a better price than retail. However, make sure whether you buy a few or a lot, the products to workers must ensure the top quality and safety factors.


This applies to business units, firms, manufacturers or those who need a large quantity of gloves. Some establishments may charge a higher price if your product needs time faster than expected as they have been scheduled. Therefore, this is also one of the factors that businessmen need to remind, not to mention that the hasty production may partially affect product quality.


This is almost the core factor determining the price of protective gloves expensive or cheap. Each manufacturer will have their own price, although the quality is almost equivalent. Choosing a reputable address and buying directly with long-term commitment policies, you could own a better price. That is the reason why most enterprises or producers do not buy protective gloves through distributors.

Therefore, if protective gloves are indispensable equipment in the production process of your business, it is extremely beneficial for you to choose a high-quality and reputable production unit, especially in terms of production costs.

So in summary, like many other products, the cost of protective gloves will depend on a variety of factors. Depending on the selection and use of each unit and each field, you can apply different ways to own a suitable price, and it is still important to ensure the safety factor when using.

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