Household rubber gloves are increasingly diverse in their design and style. And if you're wondering about choosing gloves, the 10 brand names below are not bad suggestions!


Household rubber gloves are almost indispensable in your family. They help protect your skin against harmful agents such as detergents, toxic chemicals, bacteria and dirt. At the same time, they can avoid injuries when stumbling on sharp objects.

In fact, not many people pay attention to the criteria of choosing household rubber gloves. Most of them choose emotionally or base on the price and brands. This could accidentally lead to poor-quality products which are easy to tear, cause allergy, smell or even potential risks of severe diseases. Therefore, some of the following criteria will help you feel more assured of choosing this useful item.


Currently, basing on materials, household rubber gloves are divided into 2 types which are natural rubber gloves and synthetic rubber gloves. Natural rubber gloves are made from 100% natural rubber, whereas the synthetic ones are synthesized from several substances. Natural rubber gloves usually have better durability and higher elasticity than synthetic rubber gloves. However, if you have an allergic-base, you should choose a non-allergic-to-skin type.

Size, length

Of course, choosing the size of rubber gloves doesn't need to be as accurate as buying shoes or clothes. However, in order to have a sense of comfort when using, it is best for you to choose the appropriate size for adults and as long as possible to keep your arms for better protection or the small size for kids.


The drawback of rubber gloves is the smell of latex after using. However, there are many units applying bactericidal-deodorizing technology. Therefore, when choosing, you only need to read the information carefully.


Housework often requires you to contact with cleaners and lubricants. Therefore, a pair of gloves with good grip and pattern-print-design will help you hold the items firmly to avoid breaking.


You should choose household rubber gloves made from non-toxic materials and chemicals, especially when exposed to food.


Nowadays, there are many units producing rubber gloves from domestic to import, which helps consumers have a variety of choices. However, if you still wonder what brands to choose, the following 10 ones will probably be the right suggestions for you.

Nam Long rubber gloves

Nam Long is one of the long-standing units in the field of manufacturing rubber gloves including industrial, household and versatile rubber gloves used in the kitchen, gardening, cleaning, etc.

The outstanding of Nam Long rubber gloves is the use of 100% natural rubber materials, which do not contain toxic chemicals in the product processing. That's why Nam Long rubber gloves are trusted in domestic and export countries like Czechoslovakia, Taiwan, South America, etc.

With a modern investment line, anti-microbial technology is applied in the product processing. Nam Long produces high-quality products with good durability, odorless and brings a comfort sense to users. Nam Long's products have received top quality certifications.

Nowadays, Nam Long household rubber gloves are available in all markets from retail to wholesale. You can buy them at distribution agents like supermarkets, markets, grocery stores or e-commerce sites like Shopee.

In addition, you can refer to other brands of household rubber gloves such as:

-           Cau Vong rubber gloves

-           Huong Duong rubber gloves

-           Tulip rubber gloves

-           Dong Cau Vong rubber gloves

-           Paloma household rubber gloves

-           Korean Syren household rubber gloves

-           Scotch Brite household rubber gloves

-           Gaby household rubber gloves

-           Felt-lining household rubber gloves 

As they are small items, you often buy them cursorily, but in fact, the household rubber gloves are an effective tool to support us in housework, cleaning as well as protect your hands. Not to mention, if you choose the wrong kind of gloves, they will cause many health risks. Therefore, you should not be too subjective. You should spend more time reading information, origin and characteristics carefully to avoid buying poor or inappropriate products.

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