Latex gloves are still a popular product in many fields, even though the technology for making synthetic rubber gloves is growing rapidly. The reason is because latex gloves possess many outstanding advantages without any substitutes.

1/ Latex rubber gloves are made from 100% natural rubber 

Latex gloves, also known as natural rubber gloves, are made from 100% natural rubber which are formed during processing along with temperature and some chemicals are allowed to use (non-toxic).

As it is made from natural rubber, this kind of gloves is absolutely safe for the users (except for those who are allergic to rubber). Absolutely without the present of toxic chemicals such as some unidentified synthetic gloves. That's why, natural rubber gloves are chosen by many people, especially those with easily irritated skin with chemical substances.

2/ Latex gloves have a great sensitivity

One of the advantages that nitrile gloves cannot replace the latex ones is the sense of holding. Latex gloves create a feeling like not wearing gloves, one of the important factors that determine the accuracy in the surgery and cosmetic stages.

3/ Latex gloves have low protein levels and less skin allergy

Studies show that there are about 240 proteins in latex in which only 52 are allergens and others are harmless. The total amount of proteins in latex is 1-1.5wt in which 27% of them stick on rubber particles and an amount of approximately 25% in the bottom and 45% in the serum stage. Not to mention, the current latex gloves are now applied antigen protein removal technology. Therefore, the amount of proteins in latex gloves is low, minimizing skin allergy.

Besides, being allergic of rubber gloves are not too common, accounting for a low rate. Therefore, consumers can be assured of high-quality latex gloves.

4/ Latex gloves have a long lifetime and good puncture resistance

Latex gloves generally have a tough characteristic and good puncture resistance. However, compared to nitrile, latex gloves have better durability, longer life expectancy and high elasticity, creating a feeling of realism when using. They also increase the sensitivity for your hands especially with surgery or tattoos. This is also the reason that natural rubber is used to produce many different products.

5/ Latex gloves have the ability to prevent bacteria

Not many people know that natural rubber originated from rubber sap is resistant to chemicals, anti-acids, bases, chlorine, iodine and formaldehyde. Not to mention, some units producing natural rubber gloves also combine bactericidal and deodorizing technology. Therefore, when using natural rubber to produce gloves will become a comprehensive protection barrier.

This brings consumers a feeling of secure when using latex gloves in food processing or contact with some children's̉ items compared to some chemical gloves.

6/ Latex rubber gloves are cheaper than nitrile

This is also one of the advantages that many manufacturers consider when choosing between nitrile and latex.

7/ Latex gloves are widely used in many fields

Not only appearing in medical field, latex gloves (natural rubber gloves) are also applied in many areas such as food processing, chemical industry, household and beauty salon, etc.

Latex gloves used in clean rooms.

Latex gloves used in industries and food processing.

Latex gloves used in household, sanitary or gardening.


Latex gloves can irritate our skin, especially those with allergic skin although the rate is quite low. However, with its outstanding advantages, this is a line of gloves that promises to bring more profits to businesses as well as consumers.

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