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About us

Nam Long Co., Ltd. would like to send you warmest greetings! Nam Long Company is a manufacturer of rubber gloves commodities and industrial appliances, in addition to the material supplier for natural rubber latex palm.


Nam Long Company was founded in May 11/1998 and officially went into operation in January 3/1999. With the motto “South Long desire to become intimate companions of the housewife and the marine fishery company” by giving birth to a product which is extracted from the raw material rubber latex naturally, the household gloves Nam Long brands are widely distributed throughout the territory of Vietnam and exported to some countries such as Taiwan, Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic), South America …

Our company would like to thank the loving attention of customers for the products of our gloves.


With advanced production lines and closed source material grown from natural rubber at the Company.

Everyday lines shipped thousands of gloves to meet the needs of domestic and foreign.