It is not too difficult to buy protective gloves in Hanoi, especially rubber gloves. However, the diversity of this line is the double-edged sword that makes many people wonder what a quality and durable product is.

1/ What kind of protective rubber gloves do you need to buy?

To know where to buy quality protective gloves in Hanoi or anywhere else, you need to know what type of gloves you need. Each type of gloves will have its criteria, especially when rubber is the material commonly used in manufacturing protective gloves.

The market for protective rubber gloves is quite diverse such as anti-cut gloves and household gloves that housewives still use every day. Each type will have different usage and choices.

Some people think that washing dishes and cleaning house do not need gloves or they will choose a pair randomly at the market. However, there have been many cases of contact dermatitis, urticaria, and wrinkled skin due to not wearing gloves when washing dishes and contacting with detergents, or even using poor quality gloves.

Whatever you do may affect your skin negatively, so you need to protect your hands. Especially for women that the skin is the easiest place to be aging. For frequent cooking and washing dishes, you shouldn’t be subjective to wearing gloves.


2/ Reputable protective rubber gloves in Hanoi.

Besides the application, when choosing protective rubber gloves, you need to know about their materials. Currently, rubber gloves are made from two main types, which are natural rubber and synthetic rubber (synthesized from many different substances). In comparison to synthetic gloves, natural rubber gloves have much better durability and sensitivity, especially for those who use in surgical, tattooed or other jobs with high accuracy.

Hanoi is a big market with a variety of items, not only for gloves. This also means that the risk of buying low-quality products is not small. Therefore, to buy quality protective gloves, consumers need to pay attention to:

- Level of protection: you should make sure they can protect your hands well.        

- If choosing between powdered and non-powdered, people, who have atopic allergy, should select powder-free rubber gloves.        

- Materials, origin, and brands of the products.        

- Buying places: you should avoid buying at unreliable distribution units.        

- Price: For the line of household gloves, a high price may not be the same as quality.        

- Pay attention to the fit and comfort when using. If it is possible, you should buy directly at the store.        

- If you buy online, you should choose the right size, color, material and learn about the exchange policy in case something goes wrong.        

- If you buy in large quantities, you should contact the production unit directly to ensure quality, as well as good prices and easy exchange when necessary.        

With these criteria and notices above, the purchase of protective gloves in Hanoi or anywhere else will also somewhat easier and more assured. You should remember that protecting your hands is very crucial, so choosing where to buy quality products should be noticed despite the quantity.

Currently, Nam Long Company is supplying all kinds of household rubber gloves, gloves used in food processing, and seafood products nationwide. Nam Long rubber gloves are made from natural rubber, with good prices, and certified quality by not only domestic consumers but also from the approval of the units, the strict markets like Japan, Korea, the USA, and so on. If you need help or advice, you can contact the hotline 0908. 391. 119 or leave a message on the website, we will contact you earliest.