Price of protective rubber gloves depends on many factors. Therefore, if you want to own quality rubber gloves at an affordable price, do not miss this article.

Rubber gloves are one of the most popular protective equipment available today. They are manufactured from natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Depending on the application, different working environment, the design of rubber gloves is also changed flexibly. This also means that their prices will have to move more or less.

1/ Outstanding advantages of protective rubber gloves, little known.

The market for protective rubber gloves is quite diverse in terms of models, colors, designs and prices. Depending on the working environment, they will be designed by the manufacturer to meet the optimal protection of workers' hands. However, most gloves made of rubber will possess the outstanding advantages that rare material that produces gloves such as:


This is one of the outstanding advantages of the rubber material. They help protect your hands from water, harmful chemicals, and cleaning agents. Depending on the purpose of use, the gloves will be integrated with additional functions to resist highly corrosive chemicals such as acids. Basically, a pair of normal rubber gloves will help skin dry hands, irritation, inflammation when exposed to liquid.


Basically, natural rubber is derived from the resin of rubber tree, which is resistant to most chemicals, acids, bases, chlorine, iodine, and formaldehyde. When using natural rubber to produce gloves, it will become a comprehensive-protective barrier. This helps users, especially those working in the field of food processing and clean room, to feel more assured about the safety of rubber gloves.


Latex gloves possess the ideal thickness to protect the user's hands compared to many gloves made of vinyl, wool gloves, cotton, etc.

High puncture resistance

Rubber has good elasticity, so when being applied in manufacturing gloves, they will possess effective puncture resistance compared to many other gloves. This helps protect workers' hands from the impacts of sharp objects.


This is one of the advantages of rubber gloves that only appears in a few materials such as medical gloves used in surgery, tattoo, and so on. They are designed with hand-fitting and good elasticity, bringing the true-feeling and creating flexibility for users without entanglement.

Comfortable feeling

In this day and age, latex gloves have been integrated with anti-bacterial, deodorant technology as well as increased adhesion. This helps users feel more comfortable when wearing and working continuously for many hours.

Depending on the environment, rubber gloves will be integrated with the appropriate functions to maximize the use of gloves and bring an effective protection of workers' hands. That is the reason why rubber gloves are more and more popular and widely used in many fields.

2/ How much do protective rubber gloves cost?

How much do protective rubber gloves cost?

The cost of protective rubber gloves depends on many factors such as their application, manufacturing methods, materials, selling addresses, and other related costs. To know the price of each type of gloves, consumers can easily check with one click. However, if you want to own an affordable price, you need to know these related factors.


The market for rubber gloves is extremely diverse, each type will serve different purposes, so their costs will also vary.

For example, household rubber gloves are used in household tasks such as tidying, cleaning, washing clothes, etc. These gloves will cost several thousand dong per pair while the line of chemical-resistant rubber gloves that are related to jobs requiring exposure to toxic chemicals at a high level will cost several hundred thousand dong per pair.


Latex gloves are usually cheaper than nitrile ones. Powdered products (used to increase adhesion) will have lower prices than the non-powdered, which are integrated with high adhesion resistance.

Distribution places

Today, consumers can easily own rubber gloves in many ways like direct purchase or online ordering.

Many manufacturers usually cooperate with e-commerce sites to increase the accessibility to consumers. However, if you buy through intermediaries, it will be difficult for you to get high-quality products at reasonable prices, especially when buying in bulk.

Therefore, if you buy a large amount of gloves, you should contact directly with the manufacturer to own the most appropriate price. 

Thus, it can be seen that the price of protective rubber gloves depends on many factors. A product with a low price does not mean they are poor quality products and vice versa. Therefore, to own high-quality rubber gloves with the most suitable price, you should go to reputable and specialized manufacturers as well as avoid purchasing through intermediaries when buying in bulk.

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