Huong Duong rubber gloves are favored by many housewives and seafood processing manufacturers. Therefore, it is obvious that there are many distributors with different forms and prices. If you want to own this quality product at the best price, the following information is so helpful.


Huong Duong rubber gloves are one of the most popular household glove brands of Nam Long Company. This comes from the outstanding advantages that the gloves bring:


Made from 100% natural rubber, there are no harmful chemicals. Therefore, when using Huong Duong rubber gloves or any gloves from Nam Long brand, consumers can be assured of the safety level when contacting food. For a few cases of allergies to latex, you can test the gloves before buying.

High puncture resistance

Gloves made from natural rubber are durable, thick, well-elastic, and high puncture resistance. The design is long to the middle of the arms, hugging tightly, and protecting users' hands from external factors like water and detergents.

Gloves are treated with anti-bacteria, mold and deodorizing 

Rubber gloves themselves have natural anti-bacterial properties. When being combined with anti-bacterial, mold, deodorizing, and anti-stick technology, they can bring the most comfort to users.

Pattern print design is anti-slippery 

Huong Duong rubber gloves are not only integrated anti-stick layer insider, but the outside is also designed with pattern print to increase grip and handling objects without being slippery, especially when being exposed to detergents.

Various and cheap

With a variety of colors and sizes, consumers can choose for themselves and family members the most suitable product. Gloves are suitable for household work, gardening, food processing, cleaning, and so on, at affordable prices. Therefore, you can equip yourself with a couple of gloves to make housework easier and more efficient.


Huong Duong rubber gloves are distributed a lot in the market with different forms such as traditional markets, protective equipment stores, supermarkets, e-commerce sites like Shopee.

With each purchase method, the price that consumers have to pay may be much different from the original price. It is not significant when you buy in small quantities and prioritize convenience. However, if you need to buy in large quantities, you should buy directly at the production establishments, which helps you to control the product quality as well as handle if there is a problem. Otherwise, you need to negotiate to own the best preferential policies from the distributors.

Huong Duong rubber gloves are one of the brands of Nam Long rubber gloves, the leading manufacturer of industrial rubber gloves and household goods in Vietnam. Therefore, if you need to buy wholesale or cooperate with Nam Long Company, you can go directly to the production establishment in Hamlet 3, Long An Commune, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province. Hotline: 0908 391 119 or leaving a message, email at namlongco .gloves @ we will directly contact you in the shortest time.

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