Some people believe that wearing cooking rubber gloves will kill the pleasure of cooking. But if they bring great benefits to yourself and your family, why not?

5 reasons the housewives should have a pair of rubber gloves when cooking. 

Currently, there are many types of cooking gloves used in the kitchen, depending on the using purpose, you will have different choices. These include heat resistant gloves made of fabric, thin nylon gloves, rubber gloves for food processing, etc.

Compared to the other types, rubber gloves possess outstanding advantages that many women trust to use. Let’s check out these advantages to prove that using rubber gloves when cooking is a smart choice. 

Prevent bacteria from “attacking” food

Hand is a place where dozens of bacteria cannot be seen by the naked eye. Typically, E. Coli, hepatitis A and flu can infect food from dirty hands. Therefore, using gloves when cooking is essential, no matter what material it is.

Protect your hands well

Compared to other materials, rubber gloves have a high thickness and puncture resistance. Therefore, when cooking or processing food, they will help limit the damage to the skin. Rubber is also resistant to electricity and heat, which can help you in some cases. The kitchen gloves will help prevent chemicals that are harmful to the skin, especially washing dishes.

Flexible when cooking

Cooking rubber gloves are designed to be tight, giving a sense of sensitivity to the users. This makes cooking more flexible. If you think that wearing gloves are entangled and uncomfortable, maybe you have not chosen a pair of gloves that fit you.

In addition, rubber gloves designed in floral prints increase the adhesion when using, helping women avoid falling apart when handling slippery objects.

Durable and economical

The life of rubber gloves is higher than the rest. Therefore, you can use them for a long time, just pay attention to dry it. Not to mention, the price of rubber gloves is affordable that everyone can use, at least one pair.

Does not cause odor

Some women are afraid to use rubber gloves because they smell bad after wearing. However, nowadays, many companies producing rubber gloves have combined antibacterial and deodorizing technology that you can easily find and buy these products.

Where to buy high-quality cooking rubber gloves with a reasonable price?

The market of cooking rubber gloves is quite diverse. Therefore, it is not difficult for you to choose for themselves a pair. However, to ensure the maximum safety for our hands as well as food when you are exposed to, it is the best for you to choose reputable brands with clear origins instead of low quality products which include many health risks.


As one of the companies with many experienced-years in the field of manufacturing rubber gloves and owning the factories with bactericidal and modern deodorizing technology, Nam Long is proud to bring high-quality gloves to domestic and international consumers.

Our 3 main items are industrial rubber gloves (used in the field of industry, seafood processing, etc.), household rubber gloves and versatile rubber gloves. Currently, Nam Long rubber gloves are widely distributed throughout the country, consumers can find Nam Long gloves at distribution units such as Big C, Coopmart, Metro, Satra , Lottemart and so on, at an affordable price.

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Using rubber gloves to cook in our country is not really popular, but before the alarm on the safety and hygiene of food, sooner or later, this habit should also be spread to ensure the best for the life and health of consumers.

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