Long-thick protective gloves bring certainty so many people use them popularly. Depending on the application, each will have their own choice. However, 3 following types of gloves are remarkably used nowadays.

 1/ Long protective gloves with acid and chemical resistance, and anti-cut gloves.

First of all, we need to mention about the 2 lines of specialized gloves are anti-cut gloves and acid-resistant gloves with a high level of protection, good length, and thickness. They are often used in fields like acidity environment and toxic chemicals such as printing, electroplating, heat treatment, etc. Or applications of working directly with sharp objects like glass, ceramics, iron, electronic devices, machines, wood processing, etc.

Long protective gloves with acid and chemical resistance, and anti-cut gloves

Anti-cut gloves are usually made of 2 common materials which are woven yarns (HDPE yarn, Kevlar, etc.) or wire mesh. They are classified into grades of anti-cut from 1 to 5 (the higher level corresponds to the higher cutting-resistance). The outer layer of this type will be coated with PU to increase adhesion and friction when gripping slippery objects. Additionally, anti-acid protective gloves are usually made of natural rubber to increase durability, combined with a high-level of anti-chemical technology. Besides focusing on the materials, they are designed long or thick or both to increase the protection ability of the worker's hands.

2/ Long-thick protective leather gloves for welders

When it comes to long-thick protective gloves, we cannot impossibly mention the protective gloves for welders. This design helps users avoid sparks when welding and sharp objects piercing hands during work. These gloves are often made of high-quality leather imported from India, France, the USA, Pakistan, etc.

Currently, there are many types of short, long, and thick welding gloves, as well as arm-fitting design. Depending on the job characteristics, you can choose for yourself the most appropriate choice with the best protection.

3/ Long protective rubber gloves for household use

The housework almost obliges many people to be exposed to chemicals every day, implying many health risks, affecting their hands negatively, and causing many dangerous skin diseases. Therefore, wearing protective gloves is extremely necessary. Although not possessing a thickness the same as the other two mentioned above, household rubber gloves with moderate length meet the needs of the majority of housewives, seafood production, and so on.

Long protective rubber gloves for household use

This line can protect workers' hands from external agents, particularly water, detergents, and sharp objects at a moderate level during the working process. That is the reason why most of these gloves are made of rubber. They are puncture-resistance, waterproof, effectively anti-chemicals, not to mention their high elasticity that helps users work effectively.

Currently, there are many types of household rubber gloves made of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Gloves made from 100% natural rubber have good durability and effective protection, which should be selected by many women. Besides, the long design, tight-fitting, pattern printing, anti-stick, and deodorant treatment not only helps protect hands better but also brings the most comfortable feeling for users.

The long-thick design provides a sense of assurance to the user. However, this also depends on the application of each line. Therefore, the most important thing when choosing protective equipment for your hands is the appropriate level of protection and its applicability. The three types of gloves above are popular applications because they meet the majority of consumer demand for the two criteria above.

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