Many places sell protective gloves, from wholesale to retail, traditional to modern. Depending on the popularity and characteristics of each glove line, users could have the right choice. Knowing the addresses of selling protective gloves helps buyers save an amount of time, own good prices as well as minimize other costs.

1/ Markets and grocery stores.

Mua găng tay cao su ở đâu

Markets and grocery stores are considered to be the selling points of protective gloves in the traditional way nowadays and mostly found in small towns and rural areas. Here, buyers can easily find many different types of protective gloves. The most common lines are rubber gloves, fabric gloves, motorcycle protective gloves, etc.

Diversity of their origin, designs, or even prices will help buyers have different choices. However, this also implies a lot of risks of poor-quality and fake goods. This is partially because the product origin at these selling addresses is not verified carefully.

Therefore, consumers need to be cautious, for example, some poor-quality rubber gloves containing chemicals can irritate the users' hands (different from the irritation caused by natural rubber), causing many health problems especially in food processing.

2/ Medical facilities

This is the main point of selling medical gloves, and of course, you can also find them at markets, grocery stores, and so on. However, when buying gloves at drugstores and medical equipment stores, buyers can be more assured of the glove quality, and avoid buying the reusable medical gloves which contain many potential health risks.

3/ Household-supermarket systems

Currently, all big and small supermarkets sell many kinds of protective gloves, of which the most common ones are household rubber gloves or gloves used in food processing, fabric gloves, and so on. They also have a good censorship process before importing goods, so buyers can be assured of the product quality.

4/ E-commerce websites

mua găng tay cao su ở các trang thương mại điện tử

With the development of technology, protective gloves are available on e-commerce sites, both domestically and internationally. The advantage of this is convenience and quickness, especially for customers who want to buy a small quantity.

However, when buying through e-commerce sites, buyers need to make sure that the product is distributed by the manufacturer. Besides, learning about the policies (exchange, delivery, payment, etc.) of e-commerce sites can also help buyers more active in the buying, especially when there is a problem.

5/ Distributor of protective gloves

Protective gloves are becoming increasingly necessary and diverse. Therefore, the appearance of distribution agents is indispensable, including direct-sale stores and online suppliers. Dealers will distribute products from manufacturers, so consumers can be assured of their quality. However, consumers should be careful about some cases of fake agents to distribute poor quality products.

6/ Producing establishments

If you want to buy large quantities, you should contact directly with the manufacturers. You can get an affordable price in comparison to a distributor, and minimize other costs incurred. Besides, when buying at producing establishments, you will also receive preferential policies, especially minimizing the risks and being assued when using.

The market for labor protective equipment is increasingly various as well as the distributors. Depending on the glove characteristics, consumers can look for different selling locations. However, the diversity also brings a lot of risks. Therefore, no matter where you buy protective gloves, you should pay attention to the origin, quality, brand, support and after-sales policies of the supplier to avoid buying the poor-quality products as well as minimizing unintended risks.

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