Buying rubber gloves is not difficult. However, it is another thing to buy is a good quality pair of gloves that are fit and non-irritating gloves.


Possessing good thickness, durability, good puncture resistance, high elasticity, and a real feeling, rubber gloves are ranked in one of the most popular gloves nowadays, which are widely used in many areas. This makes it easier for you and many processing facilities to buy rubber gloves. However, the appearance of too many brands also means that the potential risks of fake and poor-quality products which are easy to cause irritation and affect the users’ health. Here are 5 ways to buy rubber gloves with their own advantages and disadvantages.


1/ Markets and grocery stores near your home

This is the most traditional, easy and fast way to buy rubber gloves in rural areas. Because rubber gloves in general are the popular household items, so many small businesses and grocery owners import them to do business. However, this is also a chance for poor-quality rubber gloves to sell at a much cheaper price than the high-quality ones.

This is even worse when the consumption habits of many housewives that everything is the same, even without reading the origin, brand, or material, etc. This is the reason why women can easily buy the fake, poor-quality products which can easily cause skin diseases (dry skin, rash, redness, etc.) because the material has not been treated, especially those who are allergic to rubber. Not to mention, the products are easily torn, punctured. Although the price of rubber gloves is not too high, this also causes many troubles for women.


2/ Supermarkets

One of the potential distributors of many producing rubber glove units is the supermarkets and mini grocery stores, especially in big cities. Most of the product origins are clearly checked when being imported, so consumers can be assured of choosing. These include big supermarkets like Big C, Lottemart, Coopmart, Metro, Saigon – Satra, Langbiang, Select Mart, etc.

However, in order to ensure that the gloves are suitable for your work and skin condition, you also need to read carefully the size, usage and materials whether they are made from natural or synthetic rubber. As usual, natural rubber gloves will have better durability, elasticity, puncture resistance and safer for consumers (except for those with latex allergy).


3/ Retail agents

This is also one of the popular places to buy rubber gloves, especially for those who need to buy the large quantities. With this, if you want to buy randomly rubber gloves, you need to be sure that it is the retail agent to avoid the fake establishments.


4/ E-commerce sites

To meet the fast pace of society, the product distribution on e-commerce sites is also chosen by many units which are cooperated with Shopee, Lazada, Tiki … or some international commercial-sites. 

With this purchase method, consumers can easily receive the products quickly without taking too much time. However, as they cannot directly see and touch the products, they can be easily unsatisfied with the chosen ones, not to mention some of them have complicated policies for exchange. Therefore, although they are small items, you should read carefully the information of the product such as size, color and so on, to avoid buying unsatisfactory products.



5/ Purchase and order rubber gloves at manufacturing units with a wholesale price

Manufacturing enterprises, food processing companies, medical units, restaurants, and so on, are the ones that need a large quantity of rubber gloves. Therefore, when buying, they will be more careful and calculate costs appropriately. At this time, you can contact directly to reputable establishments for being their partners, distributors, etc.

If you want to have a long-term cooperation, you need to know more about the brands, production establishments, safety and prices to get the right supplier.

Buying rubber gloves sounds like a piece of cake. However, if you buy the wrong product, there are many risks that not only waste your time but also affect your own health as well as your family members in long-term. Therefore, although it is a small item, you also need to pay attention to avoid buying poor-quality products.

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