Vglove medical latex gloves include powdered, non-powdered, latex and nitrile. Each type will suit different jobs and objects. To distinguish them, you can base on some following tips.

Vglove medical latex gloves are one of the leading medical gloves brands in Vietnam by VRG Khai Hoan. The product has been licensed and operated by the Ministry of Health at many medical facilities. Vglove medical latex gloves are divided into various types to serve the diverse demands of consumers, including powdered, non-powdered, latex (made from natural rubber) and nitrile (made from synthetic rubber). Each type will have its own advantages and disadvantages, serving each purpose and particular environment. For a better understanding, you should refer to the following article.


1/ Distinguishing Vglove  medical latex gloves made from latex and nitrile


Like other gloves, Vglove is also divided into two categories, synthetic (nitrile) and natural (latex) form. Although the common purpose is applied mainly in medical, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. To use them effectively, you need to understand their characteristics.

Latex gloves are a series of gloves manufactured entirely from nature, they are usually ivory white which are easily identifiable and applied in many areas including medical, industry, food processing and so on. As they are made from natural rubber, they have extremely good elasticity, optimal stretching and high puncture resistance. In particular, one of the outstanding advantages of latex line is the tight design, creating a real feeling for users that is also one of the important factors in areas such as surgery, aesthetics, tattoo, and so on. Vglove medical latex gloves include powdered and non-powdered types.

Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic rubber (synthesized from many different substances). The outstanding advantage of Nitrile glove line is that it is suitable for sensitive skin because of its moderate characteristic without irritating. However, in terms of durability, elasticity and sensitivity, they are not as good as the gloves made from natural rubber. Vglove medical Nitrile gloves also include powdered and non-powdered types.

2/ Distinguishing Vglove medical latex gloves with powder and without powder


In order to remove easier, more convenient and quickly, medical rubber gloves with powder are available, including nitrile and latex. The powder used is cornstarch. However, some studies show that cornstarch helps keep protein in rubber longer on the surface, increasing the level of allergy to the skin when using or even skin inflammation when the skin is wet or injured. Not to mention, the use of medical rubber gloves with powder is not highly recommended in surgery or food processing industry because the easy-to-spread flour leads to poisoning and health issues.

Therefore, although medical rubber gloves without powder are quite hard to remove unlike the powdered lines can do, they have a higher level of safety. That's why they are used in many different fields, not just medical.

Currently, Vglove medical latex gloves are sold quite a lot in stores, pharmacies or e-commerce sites that consumers can easily choose the right type. However, to avoid buying bad quality products, do not forget to read carefully the ingredients, types, origins, expiry dates before buying.

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