70% of user reject powdered-free rubber gloves because they are more expensive than powdered ones. However, who knows the former line brings many health benefits.

1/ What is powdered-free rubber gloves?

Powdered-free rubber gloves are the gloves without any kind of powder like cornstarch or other powder, which makes them easier to wear. Instead, the powdered-free gloves line is manufactured according to a polymer-coated or whole-surface chlorine technology that acts as an adhesive layer when wearing gloves.

Currently, powdered-free rubber gloves are divided into 2 categories based on production materials, latex and nitrile rubber gloves. Each type will have its own advantages, disadvantages and applications.

Powdered-free Latex gloves 

A rubber glove made from natural rubber and do not use powder. This is extremely important because the protein in the rubber has the ability to combine and cling to the powder for a long time causing allergies.

Latex gloves without nitrile powder

This is a line of synthetic rubber gloves that does not contain powder. The advantage of this line is that it does not irritate the skin. However, nitrile is still unable to replace latex natural rubber gloves because they have the durability and the grip feeling which are the important factors creating the accuracy in areas such as surgery, tattooing, cosmetic surgery, etc.

2/ Why should we use powdered-free rubber gloves instead of powdered ones?

Due to the lower cost and removable easily, the powdered rubber gloves are quite popular, especially in the medical field, while disposable gloves are suitable for "a patient – a pair of gloves" characteristic. However, powdered-free rubber gloves are still considered friendly gloves when bringing many benefits to users' health.

Minimizes skin irritation

One of the most obvious advantages of powdered-free rubber gloves is that it limits skin irritation. The reason for this is that the protein in rubber gloves is easily combined with long-lasting powder on gloves, causing skin irritation more quickly and seriously.

Safe for contacting objects

Powdered latex gloves are not recommended for using in areas such as food processing, cooking, surgery or tattooing. The reason is that the powder in the gloves can fall into things making infection and spread out the infection of exposed objects such as food or open wounds.

Keep your skin smooth

In low humidity environments, when sweating, the powder in the gloves will absorb the moisture on the hand skin, making our hands easier to dry and crack. That's why the use of powdered-free rubber gloves will help users own soft hands.

The reason why powdered rubber gloves are born is to support putting on and removing more quickly, especially in the medical field. However, they cannot completely replace powdered-free rubber gloves. That's why these two types of gloves are parallel applied in many fields. However, without the need for speed of removing, powdered-free rubber gloves are still recommended to use because they offer many health benefits, especially if the powder is of poor quality.

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