Rubber-covered woolen-protective gloves are widely used in many fields like mechanics, pottery, construction, logging, and so on. Besides, many people don’t know the reasons why the gloves are covered by a rubber layer.

Woolen-protective gloves are made from wool with a firm texture to protect worker’s hands from sharp objects, materials or tools that are rough, high-friction, and contain corrosive chemical powder. If you pay attention, you will find out the fact that woolen protective gloves are increasingly used more than the conventional ones. This would be because of their outstanding benefits.


Protective gloves are necessary equipment to protect worker’s hands from external damages like water, chemicals, dirt, heat, collision, radiation, and so on. Depending on specific applications, they are manufactured by many different materials in which rubber is considered as a “golden indicator” in this sense according to its outstanding features.


Good puncture resistance: They help protecting our hands when contacting with sharp objects at a medium level due to their solid connection.

Effective resistant of water and chemicals: In comparison with other materials, rubber outstanding performs with its good resistance of water, chemicals, and detergents. The manufacturers also integrate rubber gloves with anti-chemicals ability as well as heat and electricity insulation.

Good adhesion: Rubber gloves possess a good adhesion ability which helps users contact with objects more quickly and flexible without being slippery or breaking stuffs.

High longevity: As usual, gloves made from natural latex have many times longer lifetime than the synthetic ones and others. 

Anti-bacteria, anti-funguses, and deodorization: Currently, gloves made from rubber are integrated with the ability of anti-bacteria, anti-funguses, and effective deodorization. This brings many outstanding benefits.

Affordable price and popular use: Vietnam is a country with the richness of rubber. Therefore, the price of rubber glove products is at a low-cost that everybody can own a pair of them. As well as this, there is a diversity of several glove types.


With the mentioned positive features, the gloves are also covered a rubber layer inside the palm and fingers. This not only improves maximum features of woolen gloves, but also adds outstanding benefits even the rubber layer is not quite thick.

Increase adhesion and anti-slippery: Thanks to its thin rubber layer, the woolen protective gloves have a good adhesion and anti-slippery many times higher. This will help users hold objects better without dropping or breaking. 

Increase durability: If woolen protective gloves are easy to break and puncture because of its fiber texture, the durability will be certainly enhanced by being covered with a rubber layer. 

Increase their lifetime: Manufacturers currently combine rubber-covered woolen gloves with polymer that would help increase the lifetime of woolen gloves a lot. 

Applied in many areas: Thanks to the combination with rubber, the woolen gloves fit many different fields. Hence, the applications are also expand such as mechanics, construction, pottery, logging, and so on.

Therefore, when manufacturers combine woolen protective gloves with rubber, they possess more outstanding advantages than the conventional ones. That is the reason why latex glove products are applied and chosen popularly currently.

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