Long rubber gloves bring safety and high hygiene to users. Depending on the characteristics, each type will serve different fields. Let’s figure out!

Point the popular applications of long-type rubber gloves

Nowadays, rubber gloves are one of the most widely used. This is understandable because of their superior benefits which cannot easily find in the others.

- Good elasticity

- Water proof

- High puncture resistance 

- High chemical resistance 

- High longevity

- Suitable design for each field to create the flexibility and comfort for users

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In terms of size, rubber gloves are divided into short and long gloves. As well as this, there are still large and small sizes. Long rubber gloves are designed to minimize the possibility of touching water, detergents, dirt, bacteria, toxic substances, etc. This helps to protect the skin totally and brings a sense of safety and comfort to users concurrently. 

Depending on the working environment and the usage, users can choose different types of gloves. We can point out a few common applications of long rubber gloves.

- Working with chemicals, lubricants and toxic acids

- Food and seafood processing industry

- Manufacturing electronic industry and repairing automobiles

- Cleaning and environmental services

- Household chores (washing dishes, clothes, house cleaning, etc.)

- Medical field (Ob-Gyn)

The 9 most popular types of long rubber gloves 

Regarding long rubber gloves, many people can only think about their sizes. In fact, every type of long rubber gloves has its own purposes. We can take a look at 9 types of long rubber gloves below:


The most common glove is the household one as they have a long design to the middle of the arms and fit closely to prevent our hands from water, detergents, sharp objects or even toxic chemicals that can cause irritation, red rash and corrosion. Therefore, the user’s hands are protected totally.


At the same time, this type of gloves is also printed with floral shape to increase the grip making it easier to handle objects without slippery or being broken. There are several options for housewives in the size of gloves which are short and long, big and small.

Seafood processing

Rubber gloves used particularly in seafood processing and generally in the processing industry are also long designed to ensure safety for users as well as hygiene for processed foods.


Gardening and cleaning

Versatile rubber gloves are used for gardening, washing, and cleaning which are designed to protect the hands from external impacts, especially toxic chemicals such as insecticides, herbicides and detergents, etc.


Long anti-lubricants rubber gloves 

This type of long rubber gloves is used in the fields of repairing electronic devices, car, and work relating to oil.

Long anti-acid rubber gloves

This type is long and thick which is specialized for the exposure of toxic chemicals and acid areas. Depending on the type of chemicals and acid, rubber gloves will be designed appropriately.


Felt-lining rubber gloves are long and warm which are suitable for cold weather with many different applications. However, this type requires users to be careful to avoid soiling the inner, which can make it the bacteria to grow easily.



As a type of industrial rubber gloves and being manufactured with insulating capacity, the insulation specifications will be different in each product. Therefore, users should read the instructions carefully before buying.


Medical use like ob-gyn surgery

Many people are not aware of the existence of the long rubber gloves because they are a specialized kind in the medical field, especially gynecological surgery for preventing user’s hands from infection and blood exposure. The gloves can kill bacteria, including bacterial spores, because they are well-sterilized. At the same time, to create a realistic feeling when using, this kind of gloves is designed with friendly-curliness.


Rubber gloves with spikes

Some long rubber gloves are designed with spikes to increase the level of grip in several fields. However, this type of gloves needs to be well-cleaned because bacteria can attach easily to the spikes and make it difficult to clean.

Long rubber gloves are increasingly used in many fields. Therefore, depending on the purposes, consumers should choose the appropriate product to protect your hand as well as support your work in the best way. I hope the above suggestions will help you choose the most suitable and appropriate product.