2-layer rubber gloves are created to bring comfort for users. However, this kind of gloves does not always bring comfort as many people think.

In the past, household rubber gloves were mainly designed with a solid layer. Nowadays, consumers have more options with the 2-layer rubber gloves with felt lining. Specifically, this line of gloves is designed with 2 layers, a soft rubber layer outside and a warm felt lining. The glove length is also passed through the elbow (50cm). With such a design, this line of gloves is ideal for those who are allergic to latex without directly contacting. The felt lining provides a warm feeling, which is necessary for those who are rheumatism or fear of cold.

It seems like this type of gloves brings many benefits and overcomes some weaknesses of the traditional household ones. However, in fact, after using, not many people are satisfied with what they expect.


1/ Durability of 2-layer rubber gloves is quite poor

With a 2-layer design, no one thinks their durability is lower than the traditional ones. This is explained by the structure of the outer layer of rubber is quite thin; meanwhile, rubber is the main factor to help the gloves have good durability and effective anti-puncture. Therefore, after a period of using, especially if they are used in the wrong way, they can be damaged and punctured easily. Not to mention, if using synthetic rubber material, their durability will be lower with the natural one.


2/ The 2-layer felt-lining rubber gloves are airtight 

An easy-to-recognize feature of the 2-layer felt-lining rubber glove is its good length passing the elbow with a firm rubber band to prevent water or chemicals from sticking to the skin, though this is unnecessary as the traditional design still ensures safety for users. Not to mention, this design is airtight, especially when the sweat comes out or the hot weather like Vietnam.


3/ Felt-lining layer – shelter of many bacteria

The felt-layer brings warm and soft feeling when contacting to our skin, which takes many women’s attention. However, using in a long time, the felt-lining layer is a potential place for many bacteria. This comes from the fact that after each use, not all people clean the felt-lining layer carefully.


4/ Sanitation process should be paid attention

Unlike rubber, the felt-lining layer after each use is often clung by the sweat. If they are only hung upside down, it cannot kill the bacteria inside. So, for the best using, you need to turn your gloves inside out, and dry them directly to the sun. However, this is not good for the outer rubber layer, easily reducing the lifespan of the gloves. Therefore, you need to know how to clean the 2-layer rubber gloves appropriately.


5. High cost

Although the market of traditional rubber gloves is quite diverse, in general, the price is cheaper than the 2-layer felt-ling rubber ones. To own a pair of 2-layer gloves, you have to pay 10 times higher compared to a pair of normal rubber gloves, but the actual benefits are not as what you expected.

Many women wondered that besides the 2-layer felt-lining rubber gloves, there would be no other choices to bring comfort when using. In fact, with the development of modern technology, today you can choose a pair of rubber gloves with a traditional one-layer design that they still bring a comfortable feeling, without being greasy or sticky when using. The most important thing is that they are firmly designed, so when using, you still feel "warm" when it is cold and do not worry much about puncture or water when washing dishes.

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