Black rubber gloves are often used in many fields and the most popular one is tattoo art. If you don't know where to buy them, you can check out some following addresses.

1. Why are latex tattoo gloves usually black?

Thanks to its durable, high elasticity, good puncture resistance, ability of electricity and heat insulation and anti-chemical, rubber gloves are widely applied in many fields. This is also the reason why many tattooists choose rubber gloves rather than vinyl gloves. They help the tattoo become clever, accurate, while ensuring safety and avoiding infection for both tattooists and their customers.

In fact, rubber gloves have many colors, but the most popular type is black. The reason for this is simply because they meet the criteria of the tattooist, such as:

- In terms of sense, it looks cleaner than the white gloves

- Minimize the fear of blood for the customers

- Create professionalism for tattooists

Nowadays, there are many kinds of latex tattoo gloves. Based on the materials, it can be divided into latex tattoo gloves (natural rubber) and nitrile tattoo gloves. Based on the characteristics, it is divided into powdered and powdered-free rubber gloves, some are reusable like the black rubber gloves in Malaysia.

2. Be careful with used rubber gloves

Although the reusable black rubber gloves are already on the market, they are not really popular. Taking advantage of this, many companies blend the used gloves and resell them at a low price, especially the one-time medical gloves.

Not to mention that it isn’t easy to find out the stains on the black latex gloves, so many people think that they can be cleaned and reused for the next time to save costs. However, this easily endangers the community, users and exposed objects, especially when the gloves are exposed to blood like the tattoo gloves.

Therefore, when buying the black latex tattoo gloves, buyers should notice to avoid the cheap and poor quality products which can harm both themselves and customers.

3. Where we can buy black latex tattoo gloves?

Tattoo art is increasingly popular in this day and age. Therefore, tattoo and protection tools are also increasingly diverse and widely sold. It is not difficult for those with experience in this field to find the reputable and high-quality black latex tattoo gloves. However, if you are a new bee and don’t know where to buy the black latex gloves, you can follow some addresses below:

Medical latex gloves

In fact, in some cases, you may use the black medical latex gloves for tattooing instead of the specialized ones. Most of them are disposable latex gloves, powdered or powdered free. You can buy them at drugstores, medical equipment stores or e-commerce websites like Lazada, Shopee, Sendo or some medical equipment websites.

You can choose latex or nitrile depending on the purposes or health conditions. Latex gloves have a higher durability but they are not suitable for those who are allergic to latex or sensitive skin.

Specialized black latex tattoo gloves

You can buy black rubber gloves specialized for tattooing on domestic or foreign e-commerce websites such as aliExpress, Amazon, Abay, etc. Currently, the specialized black latex tattoo gloves are increasingly sold. However, in order to avoid buying poor quality products, consumers should carefully understand the origin and expiry date of them.

Black rubber gloves are not only used in tattoo art but also in the medical field and the anti-chemical industries. Depending on each field, the gloves are designed in their own thickness. Therefore, when choosing black rubber gloves for tattoo, you should buy the specialized types to get the best support for your work and ensure the safety when using.