Dishwashing is the daily work of the housewife sister but you are sure the water used to wash dishes properly? For just a small mistake in use, dishwashing liquid can also cause incalculable harm to health, affecting the nervous system, even a disease fatal liver failure, kidney failure .. .

Join cheaper

Because psychology see cheap goods they buy you accidentally asking disaster in itself. Cheap dishwashing water did not have any explicit origin, not accreditation should be able to contain a lot of harmful chemicals, if used for a long time, the skin mild itching, dryness, more severe Can skin cancer and some other diseases such as pneumonia, respiratory failure and more severe is the impact on the nervous system.

Therefore, to protect health, select dishwater of large companies have a natural origin, apparent origin, is accreditation of the authorities, which is also the right choice of the intelligent housewife.

Do not use dishwashing liquid origin and provenance unclear

Pour dishwashing liquid directly onto the dishes

If you have a habit of dishwashing water flows directly onto the surface of the dishes, pots, pans … in each wash then quickly discarded immediately. How to do that just waste, just as the chemicals will be very difficult to be washed with water. When the dishes are re-used, those chemicals will stick to the food, enter the body and cause disease long day.

Instead of pouring directly, please diluted dishwashing liquid on its own tray, use foam pads beaten up and use, it is also a way to stay true to their good health.

Let’s then start foaming dishwashing

After washing just rinsed speaker

The housewife busy often vulnerable to serious errors in part because there is no time to clean thoroughly, partly because according to their feelings, just see no foam again means that dishes were clean. However, the chemical is still sticking out of it if only cursory rinse. So the best way after wash, please rinse thoroughly dishes from 2 to 3 times in clean water basin.

With the blender, after cleaning with dishwashing liquid blender, please rinse with clean water so many times because the mill had difficulty washing niches, if only briefly, the chemical coated still clinging on dirty.

Rinse thoroughly eating utensils with water

Soak in water eating utensils dishwasher too long

Cups, plates, pots, pot … sticky stains difficult to wipe and you decide to soak them in dishwater diluted overnight, then it was a disastrous mistake. This approach only makes the risk of these chemicals seep into the higher dishes. Even with some kind of spoon, chopsticks made of bamboo if already absorbed chemicals for a long time can not be cleaned are.

Avoid soaking clothes that need detergent in dishwater too long

Overused dishwater

Not just pouring more dishwater, then dishes will be as clean but on the contrary, they cause more harm undesirable for health because the chemicals in the dishwashing liquid will certainly save on tooling Wash. Ideally you should not take too much water for washing dishes once used, and limited wastage both safe for health and the environment.

Do not be alarmed to see too many dishes to wash

Use laundry detergent instead of dishwashing liquid

Did you know that in detergents containing high levels of toxic chemicals than dishwater lot? If unfortunately wash dirty, chemicals accidentally left on dishes and in the long term will seriously affect health, even potentially rice cancer, hepatitis, stomach, gall .. .

Never use detergents for washing dishes

Use bleach to wash the utensils were dented

Cups, plates or porcelain is cracked, using bleach to clean, chemical capabilities also remain on the surface chipped very high, albeit difficult to rinse it with clean water thoroughly. Use long day chemicals clinging on food intact can you be chronic poisoning, causing damage to internal organs like lesions intestine, liver failure, kidney failure is the most dangerous cancer.

Do not use dishwashing liquid to wash dishes Chipped

Do not use gloves

Hand your skin will become dry and rough and wrinkled, skin thinning if you frequently wash dishes without gloves because in dishwater at many also contain the detergent and other chemicals. Therefore, to keep the skin his hand without premature aging, you should wear gloves before washing dishes, and here’s the way to help you keep yourself in good health, too, avoid chemicals Long term direct effect on the body.

Use gloves when washing dishes for effective hands protecting

Dishwater really well hidden so much risk of illness if you do not know how to use.