Winter cold and dry weather makes your hands chapped, pale, dry skin. To help soft hands, let’s follow the way below!

Wear protective gloves

You should wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or washing clothes by the cleaners are very strong bases can calculate destructive hands protecting layer, causing dehydration, severe than can erode class Hand epidermal skin sensitive, vulnerable.

Drink enough water

One important thing to dry your hands against the water. Drinking plenty of water helps healthy skin, good elasticity and not dry. That is how moisturize skin from within.


In winter, you can nail the problems encountered as brittle, brittle, split nails class … The cause of this phenomenon is due to a lack of moisture. Also, in winter all daily activities such as bathing us in hot water or use acetone nail polish remover often also makes nails damaged condition becomes serious.

To ensure strong and healthy nails, you use a moisturizer with natural ingredients to slow the hydration. Or you can use olive oil and spread on the nail head and hands, gently massage before bedtime. It helps to warm the hand, accelerate blood circulation and moisturize the hands, nails.

Hand Skin Care Home

There are several treatments at the ease with which worked fine for the hands. Soak for 10 minutes in warm water with a teaspoon of almond oil. To remove dead skin, mix the salt with lemon juice and rub gently for 5 minutes. You can also dip hands in warm milk, this will reduce the drying up, the calcium in milk also used to increase the hardness of nails.


Hand washing is effective measures to prevent infectious diseases, hand washing reduces the harmful agents to the skin, harmful chemicals that remains after the process of living.

However, when you have to wash your hands very gently to avoid the unfortunate injury, and have to use warm water to blood circulation, moisturize. Do not use too hot water as it will take away the protective layer of hand, water was too cold to do hands frostbitten, skin contraction causes wrinkled.


Use moisturizer regularly will help hand we maintain stable humidity. However, it needs to choose the right cream effects. Should choose creams with ingredients mainly oil, no need to buy too expensive but should use creams containing Petroleum ensure jelly, mineral oil, lanolin, lactic acid, urea, hyaluronic acid, …

Using night face creams for the hands at least twice a week. It will help the skin against aging.